Somewhere along the way, the world went completely insane, which is a bit weird because I used to be crazy.

My name is Miles Forrest. I am an Aboriginal Métis Canadian living in British Columbia. In the 90’s I was diagnosed with clinical depression which metastasized into Bipolar Spectrum disorder by 2000. Through faith, family, medical Doctors and medication I overcame my impediments and am now thriving as a husband, dad, School Bus Driver, and Mad Scientist.

As I’m writing this in 2021 I am witnessing the world destroy itself. Racial unrest, political corruption, economic uncertainty and widespread pessimism has gripped almost every country on the planet.

What happened? Why does it seem the world has completely lost its mind? Can anything be done? I do not have definitive answers for those questions, but I hope I can provide and / or reinforce some data points towards the answers.